Welcome to your Virtual Memorial Site. Here you are free to create a virtual memrial site for your loved ones who are no longer with you today. This is a restricted site which you control and share.

When you create your site, you enter information as you know it. It is shared with your family members for collaboration to build a final and everlasting Virtual Memorial Site. WHen completed, you share the link to your family and approave who you would like to be part of the site. Only one Virtual Memorial Site per deceased individual.

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Family Structure

Your family consists of your parents, your grand parents and your brothers and sisters on the first level. The second level is when your children are born and they create a similar structure to link the past to the current.

Your Family Structure is as follows:

/father --------------------------------------------------/mother
   |	/mother --------------------------------------------  |    /father
   |-- father'sfather --------------------------------------  |-- mother'sfather
   |-- father'smother ----------------------------------------|--mother'smother
	|-- father'sbrothers ---------------------------------|--mother'sbrothers
	|--father'ssisters -----------------------------------|--mother'ssisters

Two Virtual Memorial Sites covering your entire maternal and paternal families

To create a Virtual Memerial of your family-member click virtual memorial

Family Roots
Your Extended Families are your cousins from father's side and mother's side. They will create a similar structure and link to each other. Thus your generations that follow has a link to your grand father and grand mother side from both your parents side.